Hearthstone Patio Oven 4.5 – Head Only

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Product Description

This oven does more than just pizza. 

We are pleased to announce the newest outdoor products from Hearthstone.  Made in Italy, these outdoor patio/pizza ovens are a cut above the rest.  The quality is next to none.  It is more than a pizza oven, you can cook a huge variety of food; large roast meats, fish, vegetables, bake bread and lots more.

Why do we love the Hearthstone Patio Oven 4.5? It has 4.5 square feet of a nice flat cooking surface.  It has a great height to allow for baking some cookies, pies or breads.  With enough room for a large pizza, or a couple loaves of garlic bread; this impressive oven heats up to 750 degrees in less the 20 min. You’ll find the Patio Oven 4.5 perfect for Sunday night pizza with the family.

There is a base available for the Hearthstone 4.5 Patio Oven for an additional $1,499 Canadian Dollars.

Fuel : Wood and Charcoal

Heat Up Time : 20 min

Weight : 300 lbs

Cooking Floor : 4.5 sqft

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Additional Information

Weight408 lbs
Dimensions48 × 36 × 30 in


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