ICC Excel Chimney Roof Brace / Pole Brace

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Product Description

This is an official ICC Excel Chimney Roof Brace / Pole Brace This is a genuine new in original packaging ICC Excel Chimney component.  This ICC chimney components comes with the full factory warranty.

Part Description:

  • The ICC Chimney Roof Pole Brace is designed to stabilize a wood chimney system above the roofline.  Most jurisdictions require that at least one pole brace be used for every 5′ of chimney above a roof (check local laws).

ICC Excel Chimney Roof Brace / Pole Brace Part Numbers:

  • XM-ERB: ICC Roof Brace Pole Brace
  • XM-ESRB: ICC Roof Brace Pole Brace Stainless Steel
  • XM-ERBS: ICC Roof Brace Pole Brace Stiffener (snow protector)

Why We Like This Product

  • The roof brace is used to provide lateral support for a chimney which extends more than 5 feet above a roof. The roof brace utilizes a universal band to fit 6″, 7″ and 8″ inch chimneys (like Excel or 1″ wall insulated chimneys).  The arms on the roof brace telescope from 5 ft. to 9 ft. long.

Installation Note:

If your roof may get a lot of snow, Friendly Fires strongly recommends that you also install the ICC Roof Brace Stiffeners.  This will help stabilize your ICC Roof Brace and works very well in cold climates with a lot of snow and wind.

Because large snow loads can damage a wood chimney by bending the pole braces (typically in the middle area, where pole braces are weakest), the ICC Pole Brace Stiffener re-enforced pole braces at their weakest points – in the middle.

About ICC Chimney

Most ICC Chimney components come with a lifetime 100% full replacement warranty. Other ICC Excel Product Features include:

  • EXCEL is tested and listed to the ULC S-629 chimney standard.
  • EXCEL is the lightest weight insulated chimney of its kind on the market. This low thermal mass enables it to heat up quickly, reducing creosote formation.
  • EXCEL’s light weight helps make it the easiest chimney to install.
  • EXCEL incorporates continuous blanket insulation into a design which eliminates couplings between lengths. This means there are no hot spots on the outside, or cool spots on the inside.

The EXCEL insulated stainless steel chimney is suitable for use on appliances that burn wood, oil, coal, gas and charcoal and comes in 5” – 14″ inside chimney diameters.

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These ICC Roof Brace and Stiffener are typically in stock ready to ship 

Shipping Dimensions

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 70 × 10 × 10 in


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