ICC Excel Chimney Radiation Shield

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Product Description

Part Description: ICC Excel Chimney Radiation Shield

Part Number: XM-5ERS, XM-6ERS, XM-7ERS, XM-8ERS

Why we like this product: The radiation shield protects combustible framing in the floor or ceiling adjacent to the chimney and also acts as a firestop spacer. When the chimney passes through the radiation shield into an insulated space a universal storm collar must also be installed to prevent the entry of insulation.

The most popular brand of chimney that Friendly Fires stocks and sells is ICC EXCEL and………

EXCEL Chimney is Certified to Withstand Chimney Fires…….what?!

EXCEL Features

  • EXCEL is tested and listed to the ULC S-629 chimney standard. The ULC standard is generally considered the toughest residential chimney standard in the world. The USA standard requires the chimney to withstand three 10-minute 2100°F chimney fires. The Canadian standard requires the chimney to withstand three 30-minute chimney fires, three times longer than the USA.
  • EXCEL is the only 1 inch wall insulated chimney to pass the ULC standard.
  • EXCEL’s unique thermoplus insulation has an extremely high insulating value that helps to keep flue gasses hot. Creosote won’t condense in a hot flue.
  • EXCEL is the lightest weight insulated chimney of its kind on the market. This low thermal mass enables it to heat up quickly, reducing creosote formation. And EXCEL’s light weight helps make it the easiest chimney to install.
  • EXCEL incorporates continuous blanket insulation into a design which eliminates couplings between lenghts. This means there are no hot spots on the outside, or cool spots on the inside.

The EXCEL insulated stainless steel chimney is suitable for use on appliances that burn wood, oil, coal, gas and charcoal and comes in 5”, 6”, 7” & 8” diameters.


Shipping Dimensions

Weight N/A
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Chimney diameter for round or square support

5" chimney diameter size, 6" chimney diameter size, 7" chimney diameter size, 8" chimney diameter size


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