Jackson Grills LUX 550 BBQ

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Product Description

The Jackson Grills LUX 550 BBQ has the perfect blend of performance and aesthetic appeal to satisfy all outdoor cooks from amateurs to professionals.

Why We Like This Product: Jackson Grills are one of Canada’s leading specialty grill companies. The whole line offers their unique variable grilling surface which allows cooking of smaller items on narrow spaced rods and larger items on widely spaced rods.

The unique flame thrower ignition system makes for consistent, positive ignition.

These grills heat up very quickly, you’ll be up to searing temperature in no-time!

The Jackson Grills LUX 550 BBQ provides ample space to prepare delicious family dinners, and the perfect solution for smaller decks and patios.

Did you know Jackson Grills also manufactures Patio fire tables

If you would like more detailed information, please check their user manual here.

Jackson Grills is a Canadian company that produces high-quality stainless steel grills for outdoor cooking. Here are some reasons why some people might consider Jackson Grills BBQs to be the best:

  1. Superior Quality: Jackson Grills BBQs are made from high-quality stainless steel that is designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. They are built to last and are often praised for their durability and longevity.
  2. Innovative Design: Jackson Grills BBQs feature innovative designs that offer exceptional cooking performance and versatility. They often include features like rotisserie burners, infrared burners, and multiple cooking zones, allowing for a wide range of cooking options.
  3. Customizable Options: Jackson Grills BBQs offer a range of customizable options, including built-in models and a variety of accessories, such as side burners and storage drawers. This allows you to create a customized outdoor cooking space that meets your specific needs and preferences.
  4. Excellent Warranty: Jackson Grills offers an exceptional warranty on their products, providing customers with peace of mind knowing that their investment is protected. Their warranty covers the grill body and hood for life, and other components have varying warranty lengths.
  5. Jackson Grills is a Canadian company that manufacturers their BBQ’s to the highest standard in the industry.  


  • Main Burners 3 stainless steel main burners (15,000 BTU each)
  • Rotisserrie 1 infrared rear rotisserie burner (13,500 BTU)
  • Total BTU 58,500 BTU
  • Total Cooking Area 510 sq. in. (Primary:370 sq. in. Secondary: 140 sq. in.)
  • Ignition System (no batteries required) Flame Thrower

Why Jackson Grills Make Great BBQs!

58,500 BTU of Grilling Power
Jackson Grills BTU burner at Friendly Fires

The Lux 550 combines high quality features with attention to detail, for a total of 60,000 BTU of cooking power: 3 stainless steel main burners (15,000 BTU each) and 1 infrared rear rotisserie burner (13,500 BTU).

Variable Cooking Surface
Variable Cooking Surface Jackson Grills at Friendly Fires

The 5/16” stainless steel cooking surface has a Variable Grill Surface to accommodate different sizes of food.

Excellent Heat Retention and Penetration
Jackson Grills Heat Retention and Penetration Friendly Fires

Stainless steel heavy duty grill rods (5/16”) retain heat so you can achieve an effective sear on both sides of your meat. The heavy mass of this grilling surface allows for great heat penetration right to the core of the food you are grilling.

Easy Maintenance
Jackson Grills Easy Maintenance at Friendly Fires

Maintenance is easy with the Lux 550. The front-loaded grease management system is easily accessible and the burners are easy to remove for cleaning.

Fold Down Side Shelves
Jackson Grills Fold Down Side Shelves at Friendly Fires

This grill was designed so you can get the most of your outdoor space. With this in mind, the side shelves are designed to be collapsed down, flush with the sides of the grill.

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