Jackson Grills Natural Gas Regulator JF-99

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Product Description

Jackson Grills is one of Canada’s leading specialty grill companies.  A Jackson Grills BBQ is built to last with complete durable SS construction.

Part Numbers: JF-99

Description: NG Regulator 4″ WC With Fittings for the JG4 BBQ. This regulator provides a safe appliance with a consistent burn for the differing Natural Gas pressures all across North America.

Additional Information:

The last year that Jackson Grills built a cart style or built in natural gas grill without a 4″ WC regulator was 2011/2012.

Until then all units were built as a propane grill with a set of Natural Gas orifices included so that a grill could be converted from LP to NG. If these units were converted to NG the maximum pressure allowed was 7″ WC.

In BC it is common for houses built after 2000 to have 2 LB pressure NG . In some other market areas in North America customers found ways to increase the gas pressure at source. If for some reason the delivery pressure exceeded the allowable 7″ WC the appliance was over-fired and in some cases the appliance was rendered useless. In extreme cases there was injury and property damage.

By putting a 4″ WC NG regulator on the appliance the sacrificial component becomes the 4″ WC regulator thereby negating a worse case scenario.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 7 in

Versa 50, Versa 75, Versa 100


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