Charcoal: Le Gourmet Large Chunks

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Product Description

Le Gourmet Lump Charcoal is a different kind of charcoal.  Its one of the more dense charcoals available on the market and may require a little longer to light.


Le Gourmet Lump Charcoal is a great charcoal for longer cooks.  Because the wood is more dense (and some pieces are larger), its a great charcoal with great flavour for briskets, pulled pork, and other large cuts of meats.  The burn is hot and lasts an average 40% longer than other mainstream brands.  That means that you refuel less often and when you need the heat, the BTU’s are there to do the job!

Hard Wood Lump: Type of Wood

Quebracho Blanco (mixed with some other hardwoods such as Itin, and Guayacan) are the primary woods used, and typical pieces range between 20 and 80 mm.

Learn more: Quebracho Blanco (White Axwood):

The packaging is on average very good and is palletized and shrink wrapped for transportation and storage – helping minimize small pieces.

Le Gourmet Lump Charcoal Reviews

The charcoal’s quality meets the demands of German standard DIN 51749-H for purity and natural sources (no old pallets, demolition wood or non-natural source for our production).  The product is 100% all natural.

Le Gourmet lump charcoal is also highly rated due to the mix of hardwood species used.  The woods used are a mix of species from the dry subtropical forests of the Chaco region of Argentina where these trees have grown for centuries.

Le Gourmet does not use wood from tropical or rainforests

The wood from branches is collected in accordance with local regulations preserving the health of the forest by coppicing.  Coppicing is a traditional method of woodland management, by which young tree stems are cut down to a low level, or sometimes right down to the ground.  In subsequent growth years, new shoots emerge and after a number of years the cycle begins again and the coppiced tree or stool is ready to be harvested.  Typically, a coppiced woodland is harvested in sections on a rotational basis.  In this way each year a crop is available.  This has the side effect of providing a rich variety of habitats as the woodland always has a range of different aged stools growing in it.

Visit a Friendly Fires location today to try out Le Gourmet Great Charcoal and other great charcoal products.  Unfortunately, we are unable to ship it as pieces often get broken in transit.

Charcoal & pellets are pick-up in-store only.


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