Napoleon Grill Brush with Brass Bristles

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Product Description

Napoleon Grill Brush with Brass Bristles

Why we like this product: Use the Brass Grill Brush to keep your grill’s cast iron cooking grids clean. A clean grill is a happy grill. You should brush the stuck on foods from your grill with a grill brush after every time you grill, while the grill is still hot, and again before grilling your next meal. The brass bristles on the Brass Grill Brush will not damage your cooking grids but will last a long time. They are gentle enough to use on our porcelainized cast iron cooking grids. The Napoleon Brass Grill Brush is 18 inches long, giving you easy leverage for getting at that tough stuck on food, and has a metal scraper on the head for particularly tough spots. The Brass Grill Brush features a hardwood handle that has a hanger for easy storage. The handle is also ergonomic and makes it easy to quickly clean off the grime, Keep your grill clean with the Napoleon Brass Grill Brush.

Why Brass versus Stainless Steel Bristles?

  • Better suited for enamel & cast iron surfaces

Are These Safe to Use?

  • Anything breaks down over time. At the first sign of wear, we recommend you replace the brush
  • These brushes have wooden handles (not plastic) – so bristles remain on the brush much longer than ones purchased at the local big box store

Still unsure?  Be sure to read our Blog on what best BBQ brush to purchase.


These high quality BBQ Grill Brass Bristle Brushes are in stock ready to ship


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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 16.3 × 6 × 6 in


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