Napoleon Venturi Tube Brush

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Napoleon Venturi Tube Brush

Why we like this product: To keep your grill working at its best, clean the burner tubes with the Napoleon Venturi Tube Cleaner. Sometimes your grill gets grease buildup, or pests, like spiders come to live in the warm areas where the grill is lit, attracted by the smell of gas. Nests will ignite and cause flare-ups or worse, a blockage occurs. Insert it carefully into a burner using a gentle twisting motion, and pulling back for every inch you move forward, until the tube is free of obstructions. The Venturi Tube Cleaner by Napoleon has stiff nylon bristles to clear out obstructions and a flexible 28-inch body to reach all the way through the burner.

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Dimensions 1 × 5 × 9 in


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