Outside Fresh Air Kits for Wood Burning Appliances (FO-INT/UZI/UPEA4/846-502)

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Product Description

Friendly Fires stocks all components required to connect a wood burning fireplace to exterior combustion air.  Typically you require a insulation wrap, flexible duct and an outside air hood.  This kit includes all of those components.  Most wood burning appliances require a 4 inch diameter outside air kits.  Some larger units (or when a long run) require 5″ inside diamater kit.

Installation Note: It is required that the flexible duct is wrapped with insulation to prevent condensation.  Also, if you require a tight bend out of the fireplace (or stove), then you may want the 90 degree elbow as it allows a tighter installation.

Product Information:

  • Air hood (Intake) includes a 1/4″ spacing galvanized bird screen
  • The “Easy Bend” Flexible Duct is 10 feet long, corrugated, shipped compressed and it is made with type 3003 0.004 inch thick aluminum
  • The Insulation Wrap is 10 feet long, R-4 slip wrap with vapour barrier that helps reduce heat loss.

The 90 degree adjustable elbow – if chosen -will ship in eather 4″ or 5″ depending on the kit chosen.

Manufacturer Cross Reference: These kits fit all 4″ fresh air kits for the following manufacturers:

  • Ambiance Wood Fireplaces
  • BIS Wood Fireplaces (UZI)
  • EnerZone Wood Fireplaces
  • Napoleon Wood Fireplaces
  • Osburn Wood Fireplaces
  • Pacific Energy Wood Stoves
  • Regency Wood Fireplaces
  • RSF Wood Fireplaces (FO-INT)
  • SBI Wood Fireplaces
  • Supreme Wood Fireplaces
  • True North Wood Stoves
  • Valcourt Wood Fireplaces
  • Many more…..

Please note: If your appliance does not have a hinge attached – you may requre a specific coupler from your manufacturer to an outside air kit.  This kit does NOT include the manufacturer specific coupler.  Unsure what to buy? Contact us with any questions.


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Shipping Dimensions

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Outside Air Kits

4" I.D. x 10 Foot Kit, 5" I.D. x 10 Foot Kit, 90 Degree Adjustable Elbow

Replacement parts come with a 90 day warranty unless otherwise stated.

All Gas or Pellet components must be installed by a licensed technician.
All Gas or Pellet component warranty claims must include installation receipt to qualify for warranty.

Please contact Online Store Support with any warranty questions.


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