Pacific Energy Neo

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Product Description

The Pacific Energy Neo transforms an energy-wasting fireplace into a cost-saving source of heat, without sacrificing the comfort and appeal of the home fire.  Accommodating existing masonry fireplaces, the Neo has Pacific Energy’s trusted overbuilt steel construction, including a smooth opening cast iron door, boost air for easy lighting and a one-lever air control for simple operation and maximum burning efficiency.  The Neo delivers exceptional performance and durability.

Standard Features

  • Reliable, durable non-catalytic technology
  • Air wash system for super clean ceramic glass
  • High-tech multi-port combustion air injection system
  • Inside and outside combustion air capable
  • Floating firebox for extended stove life
  • 304 Stainless Steel baffle, insulation cover, rails and flame shield
  • Boost air for easy lighting
  • Two 45 cfm temperature actuated variable speed blowers
  • Integrated Heat Exchanger

Accommodating different fireplace openings, the Neo comes in two different sizes:

Pacific Energy Neo 1.6

  • Up to 70,000 BTUs
  • 5 hour burn (1.6 cu.ft. firebox)
  • Max log size 18″ (16″ recommended)

Pacific Energy Neo 2.5

  • Generates up to 80,000 BTUs
  • Overnight burn (2.5 cu.ft. firebox )
  • Max log size 19″ (18″ recommended)
  • Will heat up to 9 hours


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