Piazzetta Monia

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Product Description

The Piazzetta Monia is one of the most efficient (89.5%) and quiet pellet stoves available making it the perfect addition for any home looking to install a pellet stove in a primary living space. Its cast iron heat exchanger construction ensures maximum heat and ultra-quiet reliable operation. All Piazzetta’s come standard with the industry’s easiest to use and most complete control board. The Piazzetta’s control board runs a test on all the components when the stove is first turned on – providing an easy to understand error code should there be an issue. In addition, the easy-to-use technical manual (provided with the stove) has all the diagnostics in it allowing the end user more control over the stove. For example, a Piazzetta automatically provides a “history” of how often the stove has ran, what is the total hours, the last 5 alarms that went off, etc.

The Piazzetta Monia is available in Sand, Red and White colours. The Monia has a ‘sister’ pellet stove called the Marcella. The Marcella shares the same features & benefits as the Monia, except that its side panels are hand molded ceramic (instead of steel).

Important Piazzetta Pellet Stove Notes

1) Because of the efficiencies of Piazzetta Pellet Stoves – the glass on these pellet stoves does not remain ultra-clean and will require frequent cleaning;

2) While very efficient, the Monia it is considered a medium-sized heater.

3) For comparison purposes, the Monia’s 37,500 European BTUs are equivalent to ~45,000 North American BTUs.

4) Recommended heating areas presented in brochures are manufacturer estimates and are not always indicative of Ontario colder climates or areas with poor insulation or tall ceilings;

5) As with all enamel, it is normal for the Piazzetta colour panels to have some crazing, pits or webbing in the future.  For more information, Friendly Fires has a copy of the ‘Piazzetta Ceramic’ handout.

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