Piazzetta Sabrina

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Product Description

The Piazzetta Sabrina is one of the most efficient (88%) and quiet pellet stoves available making it the perfect addition for any home looking to install a pellet stove in a primary living space. Its cast iron heat exchanger construction ensures maximum heat and ultra-quiet reliable operation. All Piazzetta’s come standard with the industry’s easiest to use and most complete control board. The Piazzetta’s control board runs a test on all the components when the stove is first turned on – providing an easy to understand error code should there be an issue. In addition, the easy-to-use technical manual (provided with the stove) has all the diagnostics in it allowing the end user more control over the stove. For example, a Piazzetta automatically provides a “history” of how often the stove has ran, what is the total hours, the last 5 alarms that went off,etc. The Sabrina has a convenient 65 pound hopper.

The Sabrina has a ‘sister’ pellet stove called the Sveva. The Sveva shares the same technical characteristics as the Sabrina, but has hand-molded side ceramic panels instead of steel ones.

Important Piazzetta Pellet Stove Notes

1) Because of the efficiency of Piazzetta Pellet Stoves – the glass on these pellet stoves does not remain ultra-clean and will require frequent cleaning;

2) For comparison purposes, the Sabrina’s ultra-efficient heat output (47,000 European BTUs) is equivalent to a North American pellet stove that generates ~60,000 BTU`s;

3) Recommended heating areas presented in brochures are manufacturer estimates and are not always indicative of Ontario colder climates or areas with poor insulation or tall ceilings;

4) As with all enamel, it is normal for the Piazzetta colour panels to have some crazing, pits or webbing in the future.  For more information, Friendly Fires has a copy of the ‘Piazzetta Ceramic’ handout.


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