Primo Pizza Stone – Dual Function Glazed (PG00338)

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Product Description

This is the official 15″ Glazed Pizza Stone by Primo.  This Primo Glazed Pizza stone is great for pizza, bread, cookies, and anything else that requires indirect heat.

Why should you use a pizza stone vs metal?

Often when you use metal to cook pizza dough on, they tend to make soggy dough pizzas that are no better than some cardboard crust takeout.  A pizza stone changes the game by acting as a point of high heat transfer in an oven or on the grill. When used properly, the stone heats up and holds very high temperatures.

Why should you use a glazed pizza stone?

The point of using stone or ceramic, instead of metal, is that the stone absorbs moisture from the dough, resulting in a crisper tastier crust.  The glaze is “micro-crazed” means that the glaze has teeny tiny cracks, so the stone can still absorb moisture.  One benefit of the glaze is that it’s easier to clean, and even dishwasher safe, if you’re so inclined.

Do you like Wood Fired Pizza?

By using the Primo Glazed Pizza Stone, you can make the best wood-fired pizza that we all love.  A little tip, often local pizza restaurants sell their pre-made dough for a very reasonable price.  So, if you want that ethnic pizza dough, but you don’t have time to make, call your local pizzeria and ask them if they will sell you a couple.


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