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As Ontario’s largest Primo dealer, Friendly Fires not only stocks OEM Primo Grills, but their full line of BBQ accessories (and replacement parts of course).

The most popular Primo BBQ accessories include:

Primo Cast Iron Divider

This is truly Primo at its best. Use the cast iron firebox divider in any Primo Oval BBQ as the perfect solution for cooking direct and indirect at the same time. Prepare food directly above the hot coal on one side of the grill, then move it to the other side of the grill to finish cooking using the indirect heat of the coal.  The cast iron firebox divider is available for the Extra Large, Large and Oval Jr smoker grills.

Primo 1/2 Moon Cast Iron Griddle

Allows you to sear on 1/2 of your Primo grill (or full grill – with 2 griddles)

Primo Drip Pan Racks

Hang below the grills, allowing for indirect cooking, water pan, gravy making, or anything else you can think of

Primo Extended Cooking Racks

Primo’s already have some of the largest cooking surfaces out there – but extend your area even more with extended cooking racks

Primo Heat Deflectors

Make indirect cooking even more versatile

Primo Pizza Stone

Unlike a regular pizza stone, the Primo Pizza Stone is glazed on one side.  Have you ever had the pizza dough stick to the pizza stone?  The glazing on the Primo Pizza Stone helps reduce the dough sticking to the stone.

Primo Ash Tool

The ash tool is designed to remove the ashes from the bottom of the primo ceramic grill.  It can also be used to stir the charcoal.  It is heavier and nicer than most Kamado ash tools in the market place.

Primo Replacement Parts

We also stock a number of replacement parts for the Primo Ceramic Grills.  Gaskets, Charcoal Ash Grates and more.


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