PSG Caddy Advanced Wood Furnace

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    Product Description

    The Caddy Advanced Wood Furnace – Innovative Design, Simplicity of Use.

    The Caddy Advanced offers self-regulated combustion delivering constant heat while requiring minimal effort.  Simply fill the furnace and adjust the heat and the system will automatically adjust air supply optimizing combustion and synchronizing with the demands of the thermostat.

    Designed for ease of use

    Caddy Advanced is intuitive to use and optimizes its combustion cycle resulting in savings in firewood and constant heat.  It has one of the lowest minimum burn rates in the industry, which means wood burns longer – saving you from loading the furnace as often.

    Quick and flexible installation

    Equipped with pre-wired electrical components and flexibility of placement of filter supports to adapt to ventilation duct layouts already in place.

    The Caddy Advanced includes a tool set and wall support, an ash lip, a thermostat, a moisture reader, a barometric damper and a fresh air intake adapter.


    Fuel type : Dry cordwood (16″ recommended)
    Recommended heating area-ft² : 1,000 – 2,500
    Overall firebox volume-ft³ : 3.6
    Maximum burn time :  10 h
    Maximum input capacity: 310,000 BTU
    Average electrical power consumption  : 220 W / 360 W



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