PSG Max Caddy Wood Furnace

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Product Description

The Max Caddy Wood Furnace – Integrates with other systems. 

A streamlined electronic platform allows for easy integration with other systems including heat pumps, air conditioners, and humidifiers. Equipped with a touchscreen LCD control module the Max Caddy makes input and output control simple.

An integrated control PC board and RTD probe keep the furnace blower operating at optimum speed in turn keeping the plenum at the correct temperature.  The Max Caddy’s built-in heat exchange system ensures that heat travels efficiently though smoke ducts inside the furnace rather than being lost up the chimney. The result uses 30% less firewood.


Fuel type : Dry cordwood (16″ recommended)
Recommended heating area-ft² : 1,500 – 3,500
Overall firebox volume-ft³ : 4.9
Maximum burn time :  17 h
Maximum input capacity: 421,000 BTU
Average electrical power consumption  : 360 W



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