Rais VIVA L 100 / 120

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Product Description

The RAIS Viva L 100 & 120 GAS stove series is iconically round, streamlined, and offers the beauty of Scandinavian simplicity. Unrivaled, beautiful flames with a wide viewing area. Optional side glass available to extend the view. Choose colors between black, and platinum or nickel to match your decor. Truly convenient by turning on the heat with the flick of a button. Remote control start comes standard and is wall thermostat compatible. Light immediately, anytime! The flame height can be adjusted with just one click. Standard for LP fuel with propane assembly kit included. Advanced auto-light pilot for easy lighting. Now comes standard with safety screen for your child’s protection.

Rais Viva Options:

  • Optional side windows (front window standard)
  • Color options: Black (special order colours: black & platinum)
  • Top or rear flue outlet

The circular Viva L 120 is a true proponent of the elegant and minimalist: it is simple, smooth and beautiful. A pane of massive proportions and a large combustion chamber bring even more pleasure from the fire – and are also very easy to install.  This taller stove comes standard with a glass door, and wooden handle.

Rais Viva Specifications

  • BTu output: ~12-30 kBTU (medium heater)
  • Heat range (min-max)
  • Dimensions: Stove Exterior 19″ x 18.5″ – 40″
  • Clearance to combustibles: Side wall (6″); Back wall (2″); Corner (4″)
  • Weight: 309 lbs


This is a special order product and can take 4-8 weeks.


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