Regency Wood Stove Blower Kit (846-515)

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Product Description

This is an OEM Regency Wood Stove Blower Kit that is compatible with several Regency wood stoves..   This is a genuine original part from Regency Fireplaces.  This fan blower contains the complete kit and measures approximately 18″ x 7.5″.  This part is new and comes in original packaging.

Please Read: You should order this part if your Regency fireplace did not come with a blower, or, you want to replace all components on it.  This is the official complete blower kit from Regency – not an aftermarket copy.  If you simply want to replace the blower motor – see below.

Purpose: The blower is designed to increase the efficiency of the wood burning fireplace.  If the blower is not working, heat will be lost up the cavity of the chimney.

Regency Part Number: 846-515

Applicable Regency Models:

  • Regency F1000 Wood Stove
  • Regency F1100 Wood Stove
  • Regency F2100M Wood Stove
  • Regency F2400 Wood Stove
  • Regency F3100 Wood Stove
  • Regency F2400M Wood Stove
  • Regency F2450 Wood Stove
  • Regency H2100 Wood Stove
  • Regency 5100 Wood Stove
  • Regency S2400M Wood Stove
  • Regency R3, R7, & R9 Wood Stoves.
  • Please note, this Regency blower may fit other models as well, please refer to your owners manual.

Installation Tips: If your stove was installed with the proper clearances, you shouldn’t need to uninstall the stove to install this blower.

Other Notes: This is the complete fan blower kit.  It includes the fan blower motor, electrical cord, housing as well as the thermodisc.  Please note, this is a 2 speed blower only.

A blower on a wood stove can increase its efficiency in several ways:

  1. Improved Air Circulation: A blower helps to circulate air around the stove and through the room, distributing heat more evenly. This can reduce hot and cold spots in the room and make the stove more effective at heating the space.
  2. Faster Heat Distribution: By increasing the speed at which air is circulated around the stove, a blower can help to distribute heat more quickly throughout the room. This means that the room can reach its desired temperature more quickly and maintain it more easily.
  3. Reduced Fuel Consumption: When a blower is used to circulate air around a wood stove, it can reduce the amount of fuel that is required to heat the space. This is because the blower helps to distribute the heat more effectively, meaning that less heat is lost through the chimney or other escape routes.

Overall, a blower can be a very effective way to increase the efficiency of a wood stove, by improving air circulation, speeding up heat distribution, and reducing fuel consumption.

IF you simply require the replacement Fan Blower Motor only (and not the thermodisc or the rheostat), then you can save some money by purchasing the Regency Replacement Fan Blower Motor Only.

If your part is not listed on our website, please contact us and we would be happy to help try and source it!

This Regency Blower Kit is in stock ready to ship.

Shipping Dimensions

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 6 × 6 in

Replacement parts come with a 90 day warranty unless otherwise stated.

All Gas or Pellet components must be installed by a licensed technician.
All Gas or Pellet component warranty claims must include installation receipt to qualify for warranty.

Please contact Online Store Support with any warranty questions.


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