Regency GC60 & GCI60 Pellet Ignitor (GC60-028)

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Product Description

This is the OEM Regency Ignitor and it is compatible with Regency GC60 Pellet Stove and the GCI60 (Hampton) Pellet Insert.  Sherwood Industries manufacturers stoves for Regency, Enviro, Vista Flame and Hudson River Stove Works.  This is the Sherwood Industries replacement ignitor for Regency pellet stoves and pellet insert fireplaces.  This is not a copy from a different manufacturer.  This is a genuine Regency factory replacement part.  This replacement ignitor ships new in original (Sherwood) packaging.  This is not an after-market copy

This is a genuine Regency factory replacement part labeled as Enviro.

Enviro and Regency are both brands of pellet heating products made by Sherwood Industries. While they may have different product lines and designs, there are similarities between the parts used in their products.

For example, both Enviro and Regency use the same igniters, auger motors and sensors in their stoves or inserts. Additionally, they may use similar materials or technologies for insulation, combustion control, and safety features.

Regency Part Number: GC60-028

Part Description: Regency OEM 400 watt Pellet Ignitor

Applicable Models:

  • Regency Hampton GC60 pellet stove
  • Regency Hampton GCI60 pellet insert

Check the part number, it may work in other Regency Pellet stoves, Regency Pellet inserts and Regency Pellet fireplaces.

Purpose: To ignite the pellet fuel on start up.

Other Notes: Ignitors on Regency pellet stoves tend to heat up or not.  If your current igniter is not heating up, it most likely will need to be changed.

About Sherwood Industries:  Sherwood Industries is the manufacturer of Enviro Fireplaces; Vista Flame Fireplaces, Westgate Fireplaces; some Regency Fireplaces, as well as Hudson Bay Pellet Stoves.  Friendly Fires is one of Enviro’s largest world dealers and we stock most replacement parts for most makes and models.


This genuine Regency GC60 igniter is in stock ready to ship.

Shipping Dimensions

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 3 in


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