Regency Replacement Blower Motor – U Series Stoves/Inserts/Excalibur/ P33/P36/P48/P90/P95 /U27/U31/U37/U38/UL35 /NFI-D (910-331/P)

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Product Description

This is an official genuine Regency Replacement Convection Blower.  This is not an aftermarket motor – this is the real Regency product (higher quality, proper fit).  The Regency 910-331/P Convection Blower is designed to push warm air into the room.  Some aftermarket blowers are single speed only.

Part Number: 910-331/P (Old part numbers  432-917 & 400-515)

Part Description: This is a replacement convection room air blower for many Regency gas stoves and fireplaces.  This is the blower that is in part number 432-917.

Applicable Models: (This part is used in 90% of Regency Gas Units)

  • E18E, E21, E21-1, E21-2, E21-3, E21-10, E33, E33-1, E33-10, E33S-1, HZ33CE, HZ33CE-10, P33R, P33R-1, P33R-2, P33-3, P33-4, P33-5, P33-10, P33E-4, P33E-5, P33E-10, P33CE, P33CE-10, P33R-1, P33R-2, P33S-4, P33SE-4, P36, P36-1, P36-2, P36-3, P36-4, P36-10, P36E-4, P36E-10, P36D, P36D -1, P36D-10, P48, P48-1, P48-2, U20, U20-1, U27, U27-1, U27-2, U28, U28-1, U28-2, U29, U29-1, U29-2, U30, U31, U31-1, U31-2, U32, U32-2, U35, U35-1, U37, U37-1, U38, U38-1, U38-10, U38B-10, U38N-10, U39, U39-1, U39 -10, U39B-10, U39N-10.
  • Excalibur
  • Hampton

Purpose: Optimizes the heat output of the wood insert by circulating room air around the body and projecting it back into the room.

Installation tips:  Unit should not have to be un-installed prior to installing.  If installing in a pellet stove, ensure to un-plug the appliance prior to servicing.

This genuine Regency Blower Motor is in stock ready to ship 

Shipping Dimensions

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 5 × 5 in


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