Regency Replacement Thermocouple – Many Models (910-386)

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Product Description

This is a genuine Regency thermocouple that fits many of their gas stoves, inserts and fireplaces. This part ships new in its original packaging, it is not an aftermarket equivalent.

Regency Part Number: 910-386

Part Description: Replacement Regency thermocouple that fits many of their gas models. The thermocouple detects the heat from the pilot light, and should the pilot light go out accidentally, the thermocouple will automatically shut off the gas valve. This prevents unburned gas from flooding into the combustion chamber, where a small spark might cause an explosion.

Applicable Models: 

  • C33/C33-1/C33-2/C33-3
  • C34 / C34-1 / C34-2 / C34-3
  • C34-10 / C34-11
  • U27/U27-1/U27-2/U29/U29-1/U29
  • U28/U28-1/U28-2
  • U32-NG5
  • U37/U37
  • U38/U38-1
  • U38-10/U38B-10/U38N-10
  • U39/U39-1
  • U39-10/U39B-10/U39N-10
  • U39B-11/U39N-11
  • U39N-12/U39B-12
  • U41-FS/U43/U44
  • U43-1/U43-2/U43-3
  • U41-DV/U45/U46
  • U45-1/U45-2/U45-3
  • P36-1
  • H15/H15-1
  • H25/H25-1
  • H27
  • H35/H35-1
  • H35-2


This genuine Regency Thermocouple is typically in stock ready to ship 


Shipping Dimensions

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 3 in


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