Regency Top Baffle (R6/R8/R16 Series) – 1986-1988

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Product Description

This is a genuine official Regency replacement baffle for their Radiant series of wood inserts (old).  This top baffle measures 1/4″ x 24.5″ x 9″.

Part Number: 060-951

Part Description: This is a baffle for older R6 Regency wood burning inserts.  It measures 1/4″ x 24.5″ x 9″.  This baffle will fit Regency R6 wood inserts manufactured from January 1986 to July 1988.  Please note if your R6 series stove/insert was manufactured between August 1988 to September 1993 – you require a different baffle.

19Applicable Models:

  • Regency RA6 (January 1986 to July 1988)
  • Regency R6 (January 1986 to July 1988)
  • Regency RA8 (January 1986 to July 1988)
  • Regency R8 (January 1986 to July 1988)
  • Regency R16 (January 1986 to July 1988)

Purpose: Baffles in wood burning appliances are designed to keep the heat inside the firebox to ensure a clean burn.  They also protect the top of the appliance from over heating.  If they are damaged, cracked or deteriorating in any way, they should be replaced.

Installation tips: Often there is a trick in replacing top baffles. It will take some time and patience.

Great installation tips from one of our customers:

  • Put gloves on..unless you like swearing
  • remove all the ashes
  • remove the bottom and side bricks (you can leave the back ones in)
  • pull the baffle to the front so that it drops down in front of the door
  • it is now standing on edge – push the bottom of the baffle towards the back so that it is laying upside down on the bottom.
  • raise one side of the baffle so that it is sitting diagonally from top to bottom
  • pull the higher side towards you while you push the lower side towards the back
  • with a little wiggling, it will come out
  • wash your mouth out with soap and replace bricks.

Other Notes: This baffle has 4 notches in it.

Shipping Dimensions

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 9 × 6 in

Replacement parts come with a 90 day warranty unless otherwise stated.


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