Renaissance Rumford 1500

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Product Description

The Renaissance Rumford 1500 is designed for customers looking for a quick-lighting fireplace with a HUGE glass viewing area.  Because of their sizes (largest fireplace in the industry), the Rumford fits great in great rooms.

Rumford 1500 Specifications

  • Firebox Opening Dimensions 42.5” W X 87.5” H
  • Weight: 900 lbs
  • Firewood Length:  24`
  • Glass Size: 1,450
  • Guillotine non-reflective ceramic door & screen
  • Cast iron andirons
  • Gas or propane convertible

To note: Although heat producing, the Rumfords are not designed to be primary heat sources.


1 review for Renaissance Rumford 1500


    The fire in a Renaissance Rumford fireplace lights faster and burns brighter than a traditional masonry fireplace.

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