RSF Central Heat Blower Kit – Opel / Delta / Onyx… (FO-FDHB6-1)

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Product Description

This is an official genuine OEM RSF and RSF Energy Replacement Part.  The RSF Central Heat Blower Motor will wear out over time and will need to be replaced.  This is a genuine RSF Wood Fireplaces Replacement Part that ships new in original RSF packaging.

RSF Part Number: FO-FDHB6-1

Part Description: Comfort is RSF and RSF Energy’s specialty. RSF’s Central Heat Blower Kit allows heat distribution from a wood fireplace throughout the home, including the basement.  This allows you to control the household temperature, it can be tailored for your family at minimal cost and maximum efficiency, we call that the RSF Comfort Advantage.

Applicable Models:

  • RSF Energy Opel
  • RSF Opel
  • RSF Opel 2000
  • RSF Opel AP
  • RSF Opel 2
  • RSF Opel 3
  • RSF Delta
  • RSF Delta 2
  • RSF Energy Onyx
  • RSF Onyx
  • RSF Onyx AP

Check the part number, it may work in other RSF wood burning fireplaces.

Purpose: The central heat blower kit circulates the distribution of heat generated by the fireplace throughout many rooms and different floors using either dedicated ducts or the house central heating ducts. The blower is normally manually controlled with a variable speed but it can be controlled by a thermostat

Installation Tips: From the manual “The blower may be installed vertically or horizontally, preferably at least 10 feet away from the fireplace. The horizontal installation can utilize either the supplied mounting bracket or, if you want to install the blower farther away from the ceiling, you can use plumber’s strapping. A vertical installation must use the mounting bracket. ”  Follow these installation instructions.  You can also add an RSF Rheostat if you want.


This genuine RSF Replacement Central Heat Blower is in stock ready to ship.

Shipping Dimensions

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 22 × 22 in

Replacement parts come with a 90 day warranty unless otherwise stated.

All Gas or Pellet components must be installed by a licensed technician.
All Gas or Pellet component warranty claims must include installation receipt to qualify for warranty.

Please contact Online Store Support with any warranty questions.


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