RSF Opel Catalyst Catalytic Converter (FR-14.17.61/FO-CATP)

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Product Description

These are official OEM RSF and RSF Energy replacement catalysts. These replacement Catalyst are new RSF factory parts that ship new in original packaging.

RSF Part Numbers:

  • RSF Opels Made Pre ~2016: FR-14.17.61 (replaces old part number R6903)
  • RSF Opels Made After ~2016: FO-CATP

RSF Part Description: RSF Catalyst Replacement for Opels – This is the Catalytic Combustor only, for the previously available FO-FDCCO – not the complete ‘Kit’.  The FR-14.17.61 catalyst fits RSF Opels made before ~2015.  If you have an Opel made from 2016 to present (Opel 2C, Opel 3C & Opel Plus) you require FO-CATP.

Applicable Models FR-14.17.61:

  • RSF Opel 2 Catalytic Pre 2016
  • RSF Opel 3 Catalytic Pre 2016
  • RSF Opel AP Catalytic Pre 2016
  • RSF Opel 2000 Catalytic Pre 2016
  • RSF Opel Catalytic Pre 2016

Applicable Models FO-CATP:

  • RSF Opel 2C Catalytic        2016 – 2019
  • RSF Opel 3C Catalytic        2016 – 2019
  • RSF Opel 2 Plus                2020 – Present
  • RSF Opel 3 Plus                2020 – Present
  • RSF Opel Keystone            2020 – Present

Purpose: The Catalyst allows the smoke inside the firebox to re-burn increasing the efficiency of the fireplace as well as ensuring a cleaner more environmentally friendly exhaust up the chimney.

Installation Tips:

  1. Remove the screws holding the brackets, one on each side of the catalyst.
  2. Carefully ease out the catalyst, using a knife blade if it is tight.
  3. Replace the catalyst the same way it was removed. If the gasket is loose, re-cement it to the outside using a silicone adhesive.
  4. A damaged gasket should be replaced with Opel Catalyst Gasket.

Other Notes: A catalyst ignites creosote-forming gases in wood smoke at significantly lower temperatures. As a result, you get less creosote and more heat from your fire at low to medium burn rates. Less fuel goes up your chimney in the form of smoke.  DO NOT burn chemical chimney cleaners, as they can contain contaminants that will render the catalyst inoperative.

The catalytic option comes with a bypass damper which serves two functions:
a) to eliminate smoking into the room when the doors are opened.
b) to allow the fire to start quickly when the fireplace is cold.

Make sure the bypass damper above the right door is pulled all the way out before opening the doors. When starting a fire, the bypass damper should be left open long enough to establish sufficient draft (approximately 30 minutes).

The temperature in the firebox and the gases entering the catalyst must be raised to at least 500° F for catalytic activity to be initiated. When you start the fire, keep a medium to high fire for about 30 minutes to stabilize the catalyst at a sufficient operating temperature.

If the fire is allowed to die down too soon after starting, the catalyst may stop working. After the 30 minutes of a medium to high burn, however, the catalyst will operate with the heat generated by the burning smoke, even with a low fire.


These genuine RSF Opel Catalysts are in stock ready to ship.

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FR-14.17.61 (~ Pre 2016), FO-CATP (~ Post 2016)

Replacement parts come with a 90 day warranty unless otherwise stated.

All Gas or Pellet components must be installed by a licensed technician.
All Gas or Pellet component warranty claims must include installation receipt to qualify for warranty.

Please contact Online Store Support with any warranty questions.


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