Security / BIS Tradition & Lennox – Montecito Estate Firebrick – Right Back Side (PR-SR2417)

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Product Description

This is the official OEM replacement Right SIDE firebrick refractory for the BIS Ultima or Lennox Montecito / Tradition  wood fireplace.  These wood fireplaces are also sometimes referred to as Security, Lennox, as well as Astria wood fireplaces.

Security Bis Part Number: PR-SR2417

Product Description: Right Back Side.

Applicable Models:

  • Security BIS Montecito Estate
  • Security BIS Tradition
  • Lennox Montecito Estate
  • Lennox Tradition

Please Note: This is the DOUBLE DOOR wood fireplace.  If your Lennox Montecito Estate or Bis Tradition has ONE Door – this is NOT the correct part.

Please check your manual to ensure this is the correct brick part number.  Friendly Fires stocks and sells other Bis replacement parts.  Please contact us if your part is not listed on our website.

Security Bis Brand Names

Over the years, BIS has changed names many times.  BIS fireplaces are also called:

  • Security Wood Fireplaces
  • BIS Wood Fireplaces
  • Security BIS Wood Fireplaces
  • Lennox Wood Fireplaces
  • Astria Wood Fireplaces
  • IHP Wood Fireplaces


Shipping Note: Replacement firebricks are heavy and can be damaged in shipping.  We do our best to package the bricks, but hairline cracks can be present once they arrive.  There is nothing we can do to avoid this unfortunately.  Please note – hairline cracks in firebricks are perfectly safe – only if there are chunks missing will Friendly Fires replace the brick under shipping warranty.


Shipping Dimensions

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 10 in

Replacement parts come with a 90 day warranty unless otherwise stated.

All Gas or Pellet components must be installed by a licensed technician.
All Gas or Pellet component warranty claims must include installation receipt to qualify for warranty.

Please contact Online Store Support with any warranty questions.


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