Security Secure Black Double Wall Stove Pipe (6″ Inner Diameter)

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Product Description

These are genuine double wall stove pipe lengths and elbows from Security Chimney Systems. See below for the benefits of double wall smoke pipe.  These are new components that ship in original packaging.

Part Description: The Secure Black Double Wall (DL) stove pipe from Security Chimneys is tested to 2100°F and listed as 6” clearance from combustible materials for all types of wood-burning stoves. The double wall black stove connector features a series of openings, allowing for maximum recovery of heat from flue gases.

 Security Secure Double Wall Lengths:

  •  6″ Length
  • 3″-9″ Adjustable Length
  •  12″ Length
  • 24″ Length
  •  36″ Length
  • Stove Adapter

Secure Black Double Wall Elbows:

  • 45 Degree Elbow: 6DE45 (1 only)
  • 90 Degree Elbow: 6DE90 (1 only)

Secure Black Double Wall Features: 

  • Tested to 2100°F and listed for 6″ clearance to combustible materials, providing significantly more versatility than single-wall pipe
  • 400-series stainless steel inner liner provides greater durability and product life compared to single-wall pipe
  • Double-wall black stove connector features a series of venting slots, allowing maximum heat recovery
  • Can be used with all types of wood-burning stoves
  • Painted black finish is compatible with most stove finishes. You can use Stove Bright Flat Black high temperature paint for touch ups.
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Check out their full catalog here 

Benefits of Double Wall Stove Pipe

Double wall stove pipe has an air space between inner and outer pipes that provides superior insulating value to single wall pipe.  Better insulating value keeps flue gas temperatures higher.  This helps your wood stove perform with an enhanced draft.


Security Secure Double Wall Black Pipe is in stock ready to ship.

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Stove Pipe?

6" Length, 3"-9" Adjustable Length, 12" Length, 24" Length, 36" Length, 36" Adjustable Length, Stove Adapter, 45° Elbow, 90° Elbow


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