Selkirk EnergyVent SuperVent Collar With Screen (End Cap)

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Product Description

These are official genuine vent parts from Selkirk Corporation (see consumer brand names below).  These are the en caps also referred to as ‘Collar With Screen’ for pellet pipe.  These end caps typically get put on the outside of the home at the end of a 45 degree or 90 degree elbow.  Its best to angle the pellet exhaust away from your home for safety reasons.

Part Numbers:

  • PL3CWS: Allows for a termination of 3″ ID Selkirk PL Pellet Pipe  (A = 3″ – B = 4″ – C = 1″)
  • PL4CWS: Allows for a termination of 4″ ID Selkirk PL Pellet Pipe  (A = 4″ –  B= 5″ – C = 1″)

Installation Note: Sometimes the end cap gets clogged preventing the pellet stove to work properly.  Ensure to keep the end cap free from ash to ensure proper operation of the pellet stove.

About Selkirk PL Pipe (=EnergyVent = SuperVent Pellet Pipe)

  • Usage: Venting pellet burning stoves approved for use with PL-Vent (gases must not exceed 570 F or 298.80 C)
  • Available Sizes: 3″ & 4″ Inside Diameter
  • Materials: Case – GalvalumeT AZ 150; Liner – Type 304 – Stainless Steel; Collar – Aluminized
  • Listing: Listed to ULC S609, ULC/ORD C441 and UL 641
  • Features and Benefits: 1″ clearance to combustibles; Sturdy collars for snug fit; approved with 45 elbow termination and collar with screen.

About Selkirk Branding:  Selkirk has made different brands of pellet vent chimney over the years.  The EnergyVent pellet venting was commonly referred to as PL Pipe, Selkirk Pellet Pipe, EnergyVent, and recently SuperVent Pellet Pipe.  This is all the same pellet pipe chimney.

If you would like to know more to ensure you are purchasing the correct brand of Selkirk pellet venting, please click here.

Selkirk EnergyVent SuperVent Pellet Pipe Catalogue

Selkirk Direct Temp Pellet Pipe Pellet Pipe Manual

Pellet Venting Installation Tips:

  1. The manufacturer recommends using high temperature silicone and / or foil tape at every joint in order to prevent ash and air leakage.
  2. If you would the pellet pipe inside your home to be black, consider painting it with high temperature paint.
  3. Some pellet experts mention that when a pellet vent pipe increases from 3″ to 4″ and / or has a vertical rise (including past the roof) – a pellet stove operates cleaner and more efficiently.
  4. Because the exhaust of a pellet stove is often off-center, some customers will angle the first part (45 degree and / or Tee) so that the vertical rise appears in the middle of the pellet stove instead of off to one side for cosmetic reasons.


If your required part is not listed on our website, we apologize.  Please contact us and we will source it for you.


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3" End Cap, 4" End Cap


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