Solar Power: Eliminate Hydro Bills

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Are you tired of your monthly hydro bills?  Are you nervous about the future of Hydro and the projected increases?  Are you looking to save money while at the same time saving the planet?  With the recent (and future) hydro increases, there has never been a better time to embrace solar power.

With the recent increases in the cost of hydro in Ontario, Solar power can now be generated for less money than you are paying your local utility.  Install solar panels today, and get ‘free hydro for life.’

Solar Net Metering Frequently Asked Questions

Will enough hydro be generated to make my hydro bills disappear?

Although most Friendly Fires’ customers experience a 50% reduction in their hydro bills, if your roof is large enough and faces the correct direction, it is possible that your hydro bills completely disappear.

Do I need batteries?  What happens if there are cloudy days?

Batteries are not required.  A Friendly Fires solar net metering system allows your home to remain connected to the hydro grid.  When your panels are generating electricity, your meter will count this hydro.  Should your panels not produce hydro (nighttime), then you will use hydro from the local utility.  This allows the best of both worlds: generating hydro when required, but relying on the grid just in case.

What does it cost to get a Solar Net Metering package installed?

Complete solar systems range from $3,000 (solar pool) to $85,000 (complete off grid system).  Because systems can be configured for different sizes and power usages, the cost will vary.  The average Friendly Fires customer invests approximately $30,000 -$40,000 on their roof.

Are there contracts to sign with the Government?

With a Friendly Fires Net Metering Solar System, there are no long term contracts to sign with any form of government.


Five Steps to Saying Goodbye to Hydro Bills

Step 1 – Read the Buying Guide below and visit one of our showrooms:  Our expert design and engineering team will show you a number of system options using our working displays. We will also work with you to seek available financing, if required.

Step 2 – We Visit Your Home: Our technicians will visit your home to verify the feasibility of a solar system or make recommendations to customize a system that meets your requirements.  This $250 engagement provides a report that will recommend the best system design, an accurate projection of power production, as well as a detailed estimate of the total system cost.  Our system design will take into account roof pitch, size, sun-facing as well as any shading that may impede future revenue.

Step 3 – Permits & Applications Friendly Fires begins the paperwork and procurement process.

Step 4 – Installation: Once final permits and approvals are in place, we will install the system.

Step 5 – Completion: Once the Electrical Safety Authority has signed off on the final installation, your hydro bills become a thing of the past (depending on system size of course).

Congratulations! You are now a solar power producer with guaranteed free power for life.


Visit one of our solar showrooms to have a better idea as to much clean solar revenue your roof can generate.  To view some of our solar installations, visit our pictures section of our website.


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