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A solar off-grid solution is ideal for home or cottage owners who are not interested in or can not be connected to Ontario’s hydro network.  An off-grid solution allows a home owner to be independent while saving money.  Friendly Fires has the ability to setup your disconnected home or cottage with a power system that your family will continue to enjoy without the burdens of generators.  Friendly Fires has designed and installed dozens of off-grid solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My home is fairly remote and hydro is charging me a lot of money to connect to the grid.  Will I save money with an off-grid solution?

A: As a general rule, even with hydro’s significant fees, the cost to install an off-grid solution will still cost more money than connecting to the grid.

Q: Does an off-grid solution require any lifestyle changes?

A: To be cost effective, using a solar off-grid solution may require certain lifestyle changes, such as not using appliances that require a lot of hydro (air conditioning, water heating, space heating, dryer…).

Q: How much does an off-grid solar solution cost?

A: A summer cottage with weekend use and week of use every so often: $10,000.  A summer cottage with multiple weeks at a time: $15,000 – $20,000.  A home with full-year living: $25,000 – $75,000.

Q: With the required investment and lifestyle changes required, why would I want an off-grid solar solution?

A: Although everyone is different, some of the reasons our customers have chosen off-grid solutions include:

1. An environmentally-friendly source of power;

2. If you do not have access to the grid (or it is very very expensive to connect);

3. Energy independence with a free source of power for life: the sun.

And recall, the impact of lifestyle choices can be minimized by using other forms of supplemental heating (such as an energy efficient wood stove).

Q: Can solar power generate heat? Can I heat my home with solar power?

A: This is a common question that is often asked.  Instead of describing this in detail here, Natural Resources Canada (NRCAN) has prepared a Residential Solar Heat Buyers Guide for consumers interested in learning more.

Why Friendly Fires

With so many great solar companies available in the market today, why do customers continue to chose Friendly Fires as their solar partner?

  1. Friendly Fires has physical retail locations that allow us to maintain long-term relationships with our customers.
  2. Friendly Fires uses licensed full-time installers and technicians.  The same people who install your system will service it for years and years to come.
  3. Friendly Fires offers complementary products to an off-grid solar solution, such as clean wood-burning, pellet-burning, wind turbines as well as propane appliances.  These complementary products not only complete certain solar solutions, but also ensure that Friendly Fires will still be around more many years after your solution is installed.
  4. Friendly Fires is one of the largest micro-fit installers in the province, allowing us to purchase the best quality solar products at competitive prices.
  5. Our team of 30 professionals are dedicated to ensure you receive a system that exceeds your expectations.

Next Steps

Friendly Fires has a 4 step process to ensure the proper off-grid solution is installed in your home.   Our 4 step process will guide you through initial design and load estimate, to a detailed proposal with detailed system design, to final implementation and post-installation support and maintenance.  Please contact us today to begin planning your off-grid solar solution.  Click here to view pictures of some of our recent solar projects.


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