Solar Power: Generate Income

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Product Description

Earn long-term guaranteed income while reducing global warming

The Ontario Government has created the Feed-In-Tariff (FIT) Program, a 20 year government-guaranteed initiative that pays anyone who installs solar panels connected to the electrical grid.

Why? To reduce Ontario’s dependence on fossil fuels and to combat global warming.

An opportunity to provide long-term income for yourself and energy security for Ontario is rare. FIT does both and you should strongly consider taking part—for your financial future, for Ontario, and for the planet.  The Ontario Power Authority will pay you a pre-determined amount per kilowatt-hour for the power produced by a roof-mounted solar array every year for the next 20 years.

FIT is about investing in your own solar power production to earn a steady income stream for the next 20 years.

Solar Income Projections

Income projections depend on how much power you produce and how soon your application to your local utility is approved guaranteeing your rate – as rates are continuously decreasing.  The earlier you visit Friendly Fires, the higher the rate you will be guaranteed.  As a general guideline, Friendly Fires solar customers are generating from 6% to 11% return on their solar investment.  When compared to todays’ GIC’s, this is an attractive return.

 Financial Benefits

  • Low Risk: Most solar equipment is guaranteed for 25 years – longer than the length of the FIT contract
  • Low Risk: Government-guaranteed rate for 20 years
  • High Returns: In every case, the FIT outperforms GIC rates
  • Available financing makes this a cash-flow positive project

 Peace of Mind

  • A stable, guaranteed income stream
  • A long-term energy security for you and Ontario
  • You are joining thousands of others to help reduce climate change
  • Friendly Fires looks after all the paperwork and installation

Five Steps to Becoming Your Own Solar Producer

Step 1 – Visit one of our showrooms:  Our expert design and engineering team will show you a number of system options using our working displays. We will also work with you to seek available financing, if required.

Step 2 – We Visit Your Home: Our technicians will visit your home to verify the feasibility of a solar system or make recommendations to customize a system that meets your requirements.  This $250 engagement provides a report that will recommend the best system design, an accurate projection of power production, as well as a detailed estimate of the total system cost.  Our system design will take into account roof pitch, size, sun-facing as well as any shading that may impede future revenue.

Step 3 – Government Permits & Program Applications: Friendly Fires begins the paperwork and procurement process.  Different government and regulatory bodies require many things, so ensuring all is done properly and in the right order is very important.

Step 4 – Installation: Once final permits and approvals are in place, we will install the system.  Although installation typically requires only a few days, it does take weeks (or months) to arrange all required paperwork and design requirements.

Step 5 – Completion: Once the Electrical Safety Authority has signed off on the final inspection, we file a declaration of commercial operation with the Ontario Power Authority who will notify the Hydro Authority to begin payments.

Congratulations! You are now a solar power producer with guaranteed income.  Friendly Fires specializes in solar grid connections to take advantage of FIT, and you can easily become part of this growing energy sector in Ontario. Please contact us to make an appointment to discuss FIT and to answer all your questions.

Next step?

Visit one of our showrooms or complete the Friendly Fires FIT Solar Simulator Form to have a better idea as to much clean solar revenue your roof can generate.  To view some of our solar installations, visit our pictures section of our website.



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