Wood Stove Back Draft Heat Collar – 6″ Inside Diamater (AC02610)

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Product Description

Do you have wood smoke coming into your home sometimes instead of up the chimney?

This is not enjoyable. Although the appliance is often blamed, the cause is the environment (negative pressure) or cold air dropping in the chimney.  This problem occurs more frequently with outside chimneys, lower level installations and in air tight homes.


A warm collar stove pipe warms the air inside the chimney creating a draw without any smoke.  Once the air is warm and draft is established, a fire can be started safely and any smoke is sent up the chimney instead of into the room.

How It Works

The collar is comprised of a piece of smoke pipe with an integrated electrical coil and high temperature fire-resistant cord.  This coil, when activated, begins to heat the air inside the smoke pipe.  After the fire is on and heat reaches a specific temperature, the collar automatically turns off.  If the inside temperature drops below a certain level (ie backdrafting), the collar automatically turns back on.  This helps eliminate creosote smell inside the home when the fire is not burning. The collar gets installed as a stove starter (double wall) or anywhere in the system (single wall).

Additional Information

The Back Draft Heat Collar must be plugged in to a standard electrical outlet to operate, costs around $300 annually in electricity (if you leave it plugged in all the time) according to the manual.  Installing the back draft collar will not negate certifications from the vent pipe manufacturer.

The Back Draft Heat Collar can be used on 6″ single or double wall smoke pipe


This wood stove back draft smoke solution collar is in stock ready to ship.

Shipping Dimensions

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 10.5 × 11 × 8.5 in


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