SuperPro 2100 Chimney (8″ Inner Diameter)

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Product Description

Please note that Selkirk SuperPro 2100 and SuperVent 2100 are identical in 8″ Chimney.  Please visit the 8″ SuperVent Page. 



The mirror finish, slim twist lock design and welded seams, make this the do-it-yourselfers choice for fast, easy and secure installation.  The embossed coupler and welded seams prevent moisture penetration.  For added protection optional locking bands are available. While locking bands are not required on other chimney lengths, their use is recommended for added safety and stability. It also provides a more attractive appearance

  • 6″ Length
  • 12″ Length
  • 24″ Length
  • 36″ Length
  • Locking Bands (set of 5)


Made with the same quality materials as the lengths, these elbows are to provide an offset in order to avoid cutting of joists and to clear other obstructions. Locking Bands must be installed at all chimney joints forming an offset- thus the elbows are sold as a kit – including (2) Elbows, Elbow Support and (4) Locking Bands. Please refer to this offset chart for your convenience. 

  • 30°Elbow Kit
  • 45° Elbow Kit
  • Insulated Tee (includes tee cap)
  • Tee Cap


Selkirk SuperPro offers all the supports required for any installation type.  Refer to this guide for in depth detail on each type of support.

  • Tee Support
  • Adjustable Wall Support (supports up to 33′)
  • Cathedral Ceiling Support (supports up to 18′)
  • Roof Support (supports up to 39′)
  • Adaptor/Anchor Plate


Selkirk offers various type of radiation shields to suit multiple installation types. For more detail on each part, please refer to this guide. 

  • Adjustable Attic Insulation Shield
  • Firestop Spacer/Radiation Joist Shield
  • Wall Thimble


Flashings and storm collars work in conjunction to seal the opening where the chimney penetrates the roof to divert rain and snow down from the roof and away from the chimney system. There are three options depending on the pitch of your roof.  Each flashing includes a storm collar

  • Flat Flashing
  • Medium Pitch Flashing (1/12 – 6/12)
  • High Pitch Flashing (6/12-12/12)


Selkirk’s high quality rain cap prevents the elements from entering the chimney system. You can also add the spark arrestor to prevent foreign objects and smaller animals from getting into the chimney system.

  • Premium Rain Cap
  • Spark Arrestor

Selkirk SuperPro 2100 Chimney

The SuperPro 2100 is designed for today’s Wood Stoves which are engineered to produce low emissions, provide less heat up the chimney and more heat into the room. A high insulating value allows SuperPro 2100 to maintain a strong draft, even when faced with these low stack temperatures. This makes SuperPro 2100 the choice of professionals who are looking for a better quality, factory built chimney system.Friendly Fires Chimney Installation Planner


  • 304 Stainless Steel Inner Liner
  • 304Stainless Steel Outer Wall
  • Listed to CAN/ULC-S629
  • Mirror Finish
  • Welded Seams
  • 2″ Solid Pack Mineral Wool Insulation
  • All Residential Fuels
  • 2″ Clearance to Combustibles
  • This Installation Planner is an excellent resource
  • Smart Choice Warranty on all Components
  • Full Catalog 

Shipping Dimensions

SuperPro 2100 Chimney

6" Length, 12" Length, 24" Length, 36" Length, Locking Bands (set of 5), 30°Elbow Kit, 45°Elbow Kit, Insulated Tee (includes tee cap), Tee Cap, Tee Support, Adjustable Wall Support (supports up to 33'), Cathedral Ceiling Support (supports up to 18'), Roof Support (supports up to 39'), Adaptor/Anchor Plate, Adjustable Attic Insulation Shield, Firestop Spacer/Radiation Joist Shield, Wall Thimble, Flat Flashing, Medium Pitch Flashing (1/12 – 6/12), High Pitch Flashing (6/12-12/12), Premium Rain Cap, Spark Arrestor


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