Temp Cast Masonry Heater

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Product Description

You may have heard these unique heaters referred to as masonry stoves or Russian stoves – they are also known as Russian heaters, German tiled stoves (kachelöfen and grundöfen), Finnish masonry or Finnish contra-flow fireplaces. The masonry heater concept includes many benefits such as unmatched performance, improved indoor air quality, healthy heating and reduced environmental impact.

Masonry Heater Product Information

  • Temp Cast units can include a Bake Oven option.  When the fire is out, the bake oven holds excellent baking temperatures for several hours
  • It’s been our experience that a finished masonry heater with Temp Cast will cost $3,000+ more than similarly-sized traditional masonry fireplaces with custom glass doors
  • Temp-Cast heaters are installed in accordance with local and national building codes as site-built fireplaces.  Check with local building inspector to ensure a Temp-Cast heater is applicable for your area

For additional information, please download the Temp Cast Planing Guide or Installation manual below, and / or contact Friendly Fires today to see if a Temp Cast or masonry style heater may be applicable for your new home or cottage.


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