Ooni Pro Burner Option (Pellet Fuel)

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Product Description

The Ooni Pro is one of the best pizza ovens on the market today.  Formerly called the Uuni Pro, the Ooni Pro has an option to use pellets as a fuel source to cook pizza and other items.  This is the official OEM Ooni (Uuni) Pellet Burner Option.

As the original Ooni choice of fuel, the Ooni Pro Pellet Burner is one of four fuel options for the Ooni Pro Quad-Fuelled Oven.

Installation: With easy attachment to the rear of your Ooni Pro, simply slide on, insert the 2 screws and you’re ready to go!

More Uses: Watch Kristian cook a perfect calzone with the Ooni Pro Pellet Burner:

What does it come with? 
Ooni Pro Pellet Burner, including burner tray, burner grate, hopper, hopper lid with handle and pellet slide, 2 x 10mm screws, instruction manual and an allen key for easy installation.

Important: the Ooni Pro Pellet Burner is for use with the Ooni Pro Quad-Fuelled Oven only.

Additional Information

Weight6 lbs
Dimensions13 × 9 × 5 in
Please note these are shipping weights and dimensions


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