Ooni Pro Cover

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Product Description

The Ooni Pro Cover is the perfect weatherproof cover for your Ooni Pro Outdoor Oven.  Made from premium quality, breathable polyester, the Ooni Pro Cover will keep your Ooni Pro protected from the elements.  This is an official cover from Ooni and is new in original packaging.   This is not an after-market replica.

Part Description: This is an outdoor cover for the Ooni Pro Quad-Fuelled Oven.

Purpose: To keep the Ooni Pro Quad-Fuelled Oven safe from different elements of nature.

Why we like this product?  It helps keep the Ooni Pizza Oven clean and protect its finish.

Other Notes: Please make sure the Ooni Pro Quad-Fuelled Oven is cooled down before putting on this cover.



Additional Information

Weight4 lbs
Dimensions16 × 10 × 3 in
Please note these are shipping weights and dimensions


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