Vacu Stack Anti-Downdraft Chimney Cap (ICPVSS )

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Product Description

Are you experiencing back draft issues?

These high quality chimney and liner caps fit round and some masonry brick chimneys chimneys (require ICP masonry adapter).  This is the premier cap for solving common wind-related chimney draft problems caused by conditions such as hills and mountains in the vicinity, tall trees near the chimney, or tall buildings nearby.

High quality austenitic stainless steel, T-304, guarantees superior durability for long service life. All fasteners and hardware are also made of stainless steel for complete corrosion protection. Ribbed construction provides extra strength and reinforcement. Exposed edges are hemmed for ease of installation. The Vacu-Stack chimney cap is made in the USA.

Add a Bird Screen

The optional mesh screen will limit the chance of birds, animals, leaves, and other unwanted debris from plugging up your chimney.

Standard cap 

  • Vacu Stack Anti Downdraft Cap (4″ I.D.): ICPVSS-4   SPECIAL ORDER NON-RETURNABLE
  • Vacu Stack Anti-Downdraft Cap (5″ I.D.): ICPVSS-5   SPECIAL ORDER NON-RETURNABLE
  • Vacu Stack Anti-Downdraft Cap (6″ I.D.): ICPVSS-6 – most common size (6″ Inside Diameter)
  • Vacu Stack Anti-Downdraft Cap (8″ I.D.): ICPVSS-8  SPECIAL ORDER NON-RETURNABLE
  • Vacu Stack Anti-Downdraft Cap (10″ I.D.): ICPVSS-10  SPECIAL ORDER NON-RETURNABLE

With Rain Shield. The Rain shield is a collar that covers the exposed top edge of the chimney from water infiltration 

  • Vacu Stack Anti-Downdraft Cap with Rain Seal (6″ I.D.): ICPVSS-6RS – most common size
  • Vacu Stack Anti-Downdraft Cap with Rain Seal (7″ I.D.): ICPVSS-07RS  SPECIAL ORDER NON-RETURNABLE
  • Vacu Stack Anti-Downdraft Cap with Rain Seal (8″ I.D.): ICPVSS-8RS  SPECIAL ORDER NON-RETURNABLE

Why We Like This Product

  • Solves many back drafting issues
  • There are no moving parts to bind or malfunction
  • The optional rain seal will help protect the top insulation of an insulated chimney

Vacu-Stacks are tested by an independent testing laboratory. In the absence of wind, Vacu-Stacks provide a more than adequate passage for exhausting flue gases. The open spaces in a properly sized vacu-stack are several times larger than the flue opening. The unique design of the Vacu-Stack gives excellent protection from downdrafts caused by wind, where other devices often fail.

A Vacu-Stack Chimney Cap is a device designed to enhance the efficiency and safety of a chimney by preventing downdrafts, improving ventilation, and reducing the buildup of harmful gases. Some advantages of using a Vacu-Stack Chimney Cap include:

  1. Prevents Downdrafts: One of the most significant benefits of a Vacu-Stack Chimney Cap is its ability to prevent downdrafts. By creating a vacuum at the top of the chimney, the cap effectively blocks wind and other weather elements from pushing air down the chimney, causing smoke and fumes to enter the home.
  2. Improves Ventilation: A Vacu-Stack Chimney Cap improves ventilation by drawing air through the chimney. This helps to eliminate excess moisture and other impurities from the air, which can improve indoor air quality and reduce the risk of mold and other harmful airborne particles.
  3. Reduces Drafting Issues: If your home is drafty, it may be due to poor ventilation or an improperly functioning chimney. A Vacu-Stack Chimney Cap can help alleviate these issues by improving the draft and reducing the amount of air that enters or exits through the chimney.
  4. Increases Energy Efficiency: By improving the draft and reducing air leakage, a Vacu-Stack Chimney Cap can help increase the energy efficiency of your home. This can result in lower energy bills and a more comfortable living environment.
  5. Enhances Safety: A Vacu-Stack Chimney Cap helps to prevent the buildup of harmful gases like carbon monoxide by directing them up and out of the chimney. This can help to protect the health and safety of you and your family.

Overall, a Vacu-Stack Chimney Cap is a valuable investment for any homeowner with a fireplace or wood stove. It provides many benefits that can enhance the performance, efficiency, and safety of your chimney system.

Most sizes are in stock and area ready to ship.  Please note that these caps are not returnable.


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