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Heating a swimming pool with a solar hot water system is one of the most environmentally-friendly (not to mention pocket-friendly) options for a pool owner.  A Solar Pool Heating System allows a home owner to lengthen the swimming season while at the same time being used as a stand alone heater or in conjunction with the home’s existing pool heater (propane, gas, electric or wood).

Solar Pool FAQ’s

Q: How long does a typical solar pool hot water system take to pay for itself?
A: With appropriate roof lines a typical system pays for itself in 3 years.

Q: Are there other benefits to a solar pool hot water system?
A: They are environmentally friendly and add value to a home sale.

Q: How much to solar pool hot water systems cost?
A: Typical installations will cost between $4,000 & $6,000.

Q: I’ve heard that solar pool systems do not work very well.
A: Many currently installed solar pool systems have been under-sized for their application and therefore do not produce results that the home owner expected to receive.

Q: How many panels will I require?
A: As a general rule of thumb, a pool will require 50% of its surface in panels for a good south facing roof .  To calculate: Take the surface area of your pool (length x width) and divide by two.



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