Wood Stove Hearth Pads (Inexpensive Hearth Protection)

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Product Description

For wood or gas stove customers looking for floor protection but are on a budget or do not want to spend a fortune, Friendly Fires has economy hearth boards that may work just fine.

These stove boards protect walls and floors from intense heat, hot coals, ashes, and soot that wood stoves can produce.

  • 26 gauge steel over mineral board for excellent protection
  • Modular design for multiple board installation
  • Can be installed on a wall for heat protection and clearance reduction
  • May also be used under other heating appliances such as kerosene, gas, and electric heaters
  • Their embossed pebble-finish steel is scratch resistant
  • For indoor use only
  • UL/ULC listed

Inexpensive wood (or gas) stove boards are available in a FLAT WALL or CORNER configuration.

Flat Wall Sizes: 28″ x 32″; 32″ x 42″; 36″ x 48″; 41 1/4″ x 44″; 40″ x 48″;

Corner Sizes: 54″ (modular) & 60″ (modular).  For exact measurements – Corner Wood Stove Modular Hearth Pad Sizes

46.75″ x 54″ (modular 3 piece)(Installation Instructions)

How do I know what size hearth pad I need?

Please refer to the installation manual of your appliance.  In your manual, it will let you know how large your hearth protection needs to be.  All solid fuel appliances should be placed on a non combustible surface to protect the floor from hot embers that could fall from the appliance during loading and maintenance.

Models AC02786 and AC02787  are insulated with ½″ of Micore 300. Micore 300 is rated with a 1.03 R factor at ½″ thickness. The R factor of the floor protection must be equal or greater than the one required by the manufacturer of the appliance being installed.


These wood stove hearth boards are in stock ready to ship.

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28" x 32", 32" x 42", 36" x 48", 41 1/4" x 44, 40" x 48", 46.75" x 54" (3 Piece), Corner 54" PICK UP ONLY, Corner 60" PICK UP ONLY


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