Heat Shield Spacer Kit

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Product Description


This is a heat shield spacer kit that facilitates the installation of a heat shield on the wall (or ceiling).? This is a new product in original packaging.? ?This kit can be used to mount all types of stove boards or heat shields.

Heat Shield Mounting Kit Product Details

  • Provides 1″ of air wash space behind the shield (to prevent heat buildup)
  • The kit includes 10 ceramic spacers, wall plugs and screws
  • Manufactured in the North America
  • Perfect for mounting most heat shields and wall spacers

Wood (or other) Clearance Reduction

Depending on the appliance or certification, mounting a heat shield reduces clearances on a wall by up to 80%.? It protects walls from radiating heat, and the air space behind the heat shield helps keep the surface cool.? Please follow manufacturers instructions and guidelines for heat shield sizes and specific reduction requirements.


This high quality heat shield spacer kit is in stock ready to ship.


Shipping Dimensions

Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 3 in

1, 3 (Save 10%), 5 (Save 15%)


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