Marquis Solara

Create a unique look for your fireplace with the Solara.

* Made in Canada.
* Louver design for additional air circulation.
* The Solara is a great entry level fireplace.
* Multiple styling options
* Available in reliable standing technology

Showroom: Carleton Place

Regular Price: $3,500 (Installed)

Now: $2,999 (Installation included!)

Includes: Local installation on floor, blower, wired thermostat, upto 15′ of gas pipe, rear vent kit, taxes.

Friendly Fires Marquis Solara

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RSF Opel 2

Description:  Behind the elegantly shaped door of the RSF Opel burns a fire that reflects the traditions of our ancestors.  Yet this is no ordinary fire. The RSF Opel yields low emissions, overnight burns, and incredible efficiency. The patented technologies used in the Opel give you the peace of mind that your fireplace burns a renewable energy source in a beautiful and environmentally responsible way.

Condition: Floor model

Showroom: Carleton Place

Regular Price: $4,130 +HST

Save: $1,000

Now: $3,130 + HST

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Enviro Q1

Description: The Q1 fireplace from Enviro is as efficient as its beautiful.  Its clean face ‘no louver’ styling makes it unique among small fireplaces.


Showroom: Carleton Place

Regular Price: $3,178

Save: $800

Now: $2,378 + HST

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Enviro Black Olive Pellet Grill

Description: The Black Olive grill is the only product that allows BBQers the benefits of charcoal kamado cooking (great tasting food) with the convenience of a push button start and pellet fuel.

Durable, tough, built to withstand even the most extreme climates and retain its good looks. The Black Olive’s patented design and shape gives it the ability to quickly achieve temperatures in excess of 650F or as low as 150F making it perfect for roasting, smoking, grilling, and even searing. Beautifully designed, easy to control, delicious results, and built to last; get ready for the last BBQ you will ever own.

You can read more about this grill here: Black Olive Pellet Grill

Condition: This is our showroom display unit and comes with secondary swing-out grill for extra grilling space.

Showroom: Carleton Place

Regular Price: $1,749 +HST

Save: $200

Now: $1,549 + HST

Drop by our Carleton Place Showroom to see it today!