Gas Stove, Fireplace or Insert

Gas fireplaces require an annual cleaning and safety check.  Friendly Fires technicians clean and service hundreds of fireplaces every year – this is what we do.  A Friendly Fires Certified Fireplace Cleaning & Safety Check includes:

  1. Removal of the glass, logs and burner
  2. Cleaning the inside, including the removal of dust, hair, dirt and glass grime.
  3. Inspection of the main components for wear or cracks (heat exchanger and burner)
  4. Check of fireplace safety features (thermopile / thermocouple, proper ignition and combustion)
  5. Check gasket and replace embers if required
  6. Clean louvers and blower area
  7. Removal of spiders and spider webs from burners
  8. Complete test fire and burn cycle
  9. Check all gas connections for leaks

Gas Insert – Before

Gas Insert – After

Contact our Service Department today to get your fireplace cleaned and serviced.  We would love to help.  For information on our service area, click here.