Pellet Stove

Performing an annual service on a pellet stove is usually an uncomplicated task. Our technicians ensure that numerous items are taken care of to ensure your appliance provides you with the maximum hassle-free enjoyment. A pellet stove annual service includes:

  • Emptying ash traps and cleaning exhaust passages behind the fire chamber.
  • Cleaning and lubricating fans and motors.
  • Cleaning the hopper and fuel feed system.
  • Cleaning the heat exchanger system.
  • Cleaning exhaust pipes and resealing the venting system if needed (if you have a pellet insert instead of a stove, please specify at time of booking).
  • Verifying and adjusting the stove settings with proper gauges and meters (mechanical and electric components may eventually wear out and need repair or replacement).
  • Cleaning glass with special high temperature cleaner

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