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Having your BBQ attached to natural gas (or your large home propane tank) ensures you do not run out of fuel during that important BBQ.  With one of the largest team of licensed gas fitters in the area, Friendly Fires technicians can run any gas or propane line you may require.

Q: Can my BBQ be converted to Natural Gas?

A: Most BBQs can not be converted to Natural Gas.  To know if your BBQ can be converted and what parts may be required, please consult your owners manual and / or contact the BBQ manufacturer.

Q: Can a timer be installed on my natural gas or propane line for safety?

A: Yes, Friendly Fires can install a 3 hour timer that automatically shuts off the gas to the BBQ.

Q: Can I have my propane BBQ attached to my home propane service?

A: Yes – most better quality BBQs can be attached to a home propane service.  Besides the gas line, the only other product that may be required is a ‘Quick Connect BBQ hose’ that all Friendly Fires locations have in stock.

Q: How long can the flexible gas line from a BBQ be?

A: Friendly Fires has ‘quick connect’ hoses in 12′, 20′ and 25; lengths.  In addition, we can run more than one access point on your deck allowing the home owner to move the BBQ from more than one location.

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