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Friendly Fires has full-time certified technicians that will sweep and inspect your chimney. Keeping a chimney clean is an important maintenance requirement for any wood or pellet burning appliance. A chimney is best cleaned in the summer months for health & safety reasons. Friendly Fires uses WETT certified chimney sweeps for all its cleanings.

Who better to sweep your chimney than the technicians who install them?  Our chimney sweep technicians will:

  • Use drop sheets to maintain cleanliness in your home
  • Inspect firebricks, baffles, cracks and seams including their replacement if necessary
  • Inspection of door and window gaskets including the application of glue in loose spots if required
  • Sand and touch-up unit with high-temperature paint (if large rust spots or a complete re-painting is required, unit may have to be removed from the home).
  • Use special cleaner on gold, nickel or enamel (if applicable)
  • Clean venting, chimney system, inside the firebox and on top of baffle
  • Inspect outside vent terminals for leaks or problems
  • Clean glass with special high temperature cleaner

If you feel that parts on your wood appliance need replacing (gasket, baffle, brick…), it is best to let us know prior to scheduling a sweep so that our technicians can try to bring parts with them instead of incurring a repeat visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should my chimney be cleaned?

The frequency of cleaning a wood chimney system will depend largely on:

  • How often wood is burned
  • The quality (dryness) of the wood used
  • The configuration of the system
  • The way that it is burned (hot or smoldering fires)
  • Age of the appliance

On average, a system should be cleaned at least once a burn season, although some customers will need a clean 2-3 times per year because they generate more creosote than others.

Can I clean my chimney myself?

Yes, if:

  • You have the right equipment (you’ll need a special brush for liners)
  • You know how to disassemble and reassemble your system safely
  • You have a good shop vacuum with high grade filter system for airborne ash

Be very careful to use the proper chimney brush and rod because a stainless steel liner can be ripped if you are not using the right equipment. Friendly Fires stocks the best materials available for ‘do-it-yourself’ chimney sweepers.

When is the best time to clean my chimney?

Look at getting your chimney cleaned at the end of the burn season (instead of fall). Creosote accumulates in your system while it is burning, so it is best to rid it from your system at the end of the season to ensure that it does not get brought into your home during the summer months.  In addition, it is safer for chimney sweep teams to be on the roofs during summer.  To be added to our off-season discounted chimney sweep service please contact our service department.

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