Smoked Sirloin Sandwich for National Sandwich Month

Smoked Sirloin Sandwich for National Sandwich Month | Friendly FiresDid you know that August is National Sandwich Month?

Well it is, and we’ve got a great new sandwich recipe to help you celebrate the occasion!

The humble sandwich we know today has some interesting lore behind it’s creation. It is commonly claimed that the Earl of Sandwich, John Montague (1718-1792), during a 24 straight hour bout of gambling requested something he could eat without interrupting his game. The London club he was playing at provided beef slices and cheese between two pieces of bread, achieving a meal now familiar to people around the world.

From those beginnings sandwiches have spread to become a mainstay in many countries around the world. Today we will be introducing an amazing recipe from our friends over at Napoleon Grills – the Smoked Sirloin Sandwich!!

Follow the link below to see the full recipe:
Smoked Sirloin Sandwich Recipe →

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