Spatchcock Turkey – Kamado Flattened Turkey

Kamado Flattened Turkey (Spathcock Turkey)

Flattened Turkey: A new twist on an old idea. Benefits of BBQing / smoking a flattened
turkey include more consistent cooking time, even cooking of the meat, as well as have
more surface area for your rubs and spices.

Kamado (Primo, Saffire, Egg, etc…) Set-Up

Spatchcock Turkey - FriendlyFires.caPrepare your charcoal kamado set-up ahead of time. Essentially, you are going for
indirect heat with the ability to have a drip pan that is not touching the heat diffusers /
heat deflectors (you don’t want the turkey drippings to smoke and burn).

  • Primo Set-Up: Heat deflectors, main grill with
    drip pan, extended (secondary) cooking racks
    (this holds turkey above drip pan).
  • Saffire / Green Egg / Other: Heat deflector,
    something non-combustible on the heat
    diffuser to allow air gap (stones?), drip pan on
    heat deflector (with air gap), grill.

Ensure firebox is full of charcoal.

Turkey Preparation

Spatchcock Turkey - FriendlyFires.ca1. Start with your flattened turkey (ask your local butcher to flatten it).

2. Wrap foil on the ends or they will get a little burned.

3. Optional: Ice the breast so that it will cook
evenly. Get a plastic ziplock bag with ice and
lay it over the breast for 20 min. prior to

4. Spice as you normally would a chicken or

On The Grill

Use a remote probe thermometer in the leg to
monitor the cook. A 20 pound turkey should take
around 2.5 – 3 hours at 325-375.

Happy Charcoaling!

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