Brad Leonard

Fresh out of Film school at Queen’s University in 1995, Brad helped start the Green Earth Co-op which merged with Renewable Energy of Plum Hollow in 1996. Brad’s early focus was on the pellet appliances and solar/wind energy equipment; responsible for selling, servicing and installing. Over the years, he has spoken at many Local and National symposiums about pellet, wood and alternative energy appliances. From 2002 until 2010, Brad was a member of the national board for Wood Energy Technology Transfer Inc. (WETT). Brad is a past community member of Frontenac County’s Green Energy Task Force, he was a member on Board of Director’s of SWITCH and he did contribute to  to the Feed In Tariff (FIT) program as a member of the Canadian Solar Industries (CANSIA) microFIT advisory board.

Growing up in Eastern Ontario, he is the sixth generation to burn biomass fuel as a main heat source for his home. With the addition of a solar hot water heater in 2002 and a hybrid vehicle in 2005, and a Solar Grid Tied MicroFIT project in 2011, Brad is passionate about doing his part for the environment.  Brad also travels across North America helping other fireplace retailers’ owners achieve their personal goals.

If you drop by Brad’s house on Sundays, you will catch him and his daughter Mae, making pizza from scratch in their wood fired pizza oven.  Stephanie (Brad’s lovely wife) is often left to entertain the neighbours, while Brad and Mae have flour flying everywhere.

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