Chloe’s journey begins at Gores Landing – she was spoken for but one family got cold feet so if Mike and his family wanted her, she was theirs.  Within the hour, she was in her new home..

Her favourite thing by far is going for off-leash walks at trails and swimming after sticks or hunting for fish. Aside from meat , cheese is her favourite human treat.

Chloe’s Grandma has a retriever as well, named Charlie. He’s a few years older but they have been attached at the hip since they met. Always go on walks together and when we’re busy with work/kids she stays at my moms with them.

Classic retriever- she is not much of a guard dog as she loves all people and dogs.

She also has a weird knack for finding Tim Horton’s coffee cups and trying to eat them. The trails but Trent University always have a few for her to find.

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