Hayley Doyle

Hayley traveled all the way from  Edinburgh (in Scotland) to work at Friendly Fires.  Well, not really… but close.  She previously worked for the British Government in the Department of Employment and on arrival in Canada worked as a children’s nanny for 4 years.  After that, Hayley got into the world of retail (12 years in retail management).  Hayley has worked for Friendly Fires for 15 years(!!) and heats her home with a pellet stove and a wood stove.  Our resident female BBQ expert, Hayley enjoys BBQing on her propane BBQ as well as her charcoal kamado for her husband of 27 years and her incredible son.  Her personal interests include writing, genealogy, cooking, reading and collecting cats…real ones!  As for personal interests, she is a fan of the Ottawa Senators Fan (sorry Toronto fans), St. Helens Rugby League, music (except rap or hip hop), movies, spending time with family – but is not a big fan of reality TV (what the h is honey boo boo?).

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